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RSC Antenna System

The average cost for a residential RSC Antenna System ranges from $300 to $600 installed. There are numerous installation options available depending on the customers requirements, signal strength, home design and making the system aesthetically pleasing. RSC provides a no obligation quote outlining the exact cost to install a system that is best suited for the customers location.

RSC uses only quality components and we treat every installation like it's our home, we know you will enjoy free HD digital TV with an RSC Antenna System. Be sure to schedule a Reception Test and find out if OTA is for you.

OTA TV vs Basic Cable

With OTA TV the investment is all up front for the antenna components and installation, after that it’s all free. For only basic cable (Standard Definition) an average Canadian household spends close to a $1000 a year and that does not include cell phones, an internet connection or popcorn...

The Simple Plan from RSC is to get the airways back, why pay to watch TV... so you decide if a few extra channels are worth the endless fees.

Stop the endless fees and start enjoying OTA TV


CM4220 2 Bay $400

CM4221 4 Bay $450

CM4228 8 Bay $500


CS2 2 Bay $475

CS4 4 Bay $500

CS DB8E Multi $575

1) All base prices include installation and hardware. Based on RSC Sidewall Installation.
2) Additional Options - preamp, rotator and installation types - tower, attic, sidewall etc.
3) Schedule a Reception Test and confirm the best system for your location and budget.